Witches Familiar Oracle Deck

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Are you ready to engage with the uncompromising guidance of the traditional witches’ familiars? Each card reveals their mystical teachings and practical potential to bring about a more powerful sense of positivity and change in your life, and in the lives of those around you. This deck puts at your fingertips 48 different familiars which span both the animal and ethereal kingdoms, each one helping you to manage your emotions, your actions and rediscover your inner wisdoms.

This Witches’ Familiar Oracle Set contains:

  • 48 cards full of the potency and power of each Familiar
  • Key focus words
  • A detailed guidebook on how to use the information
  • Sample spreads
  • Easy to remember and repeat invocations
  • A detailed reading
  • Practical tips about each Familiar

About the authors - Barbara Meiklejohn-Free was initiated into Scottish Witchcraft, 'Craft of the Wise', at age 16 by the then Highland Seer, Swein Macdonald. Considered theUK's best-loved and hardest working 'wise woman', she is a hereditary, eclectic and solitary witch and a High priestess of Isis. Flavia Kate Peters is a hereditary witch, having the craft passed down from her Grandmother, who embraces the old path and Faery witchcraft. She is a High Priestess of the Morrigan, popular author, workshop leader, medium and custodian of elemental magic.

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