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Witchfest are proud to announce we are this years winner of the Kindred Spirit Community Initiative contest for raising money for pagan causes and our focus on building a truly inclusive pagan community.

About Witchfest

Witchfest Celebrating Over 20 Years Of Inclusive Pagan Events, Large and Small

Witchfest has been inclusive from the very start, all who attend the events with an open mind and treat others with respect are welcome. All are welcome regardless of their spiritual path, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation.

Witchfest Objectives:

  • Witchfest is a non-profit organisation, all funds raised by any event are used to run future events, or fund pagan community projects.
  • To be inclusive events open to all who treat others with respect.
  • To educate with world-class experts and practitioners giving talks and workshops, on a wide range of topics
  • To entertain with a broad ranges of musicians, dancers and entertainers, there is something for everyone.
  • To be a welcoming safe space where visitors can socialise with other like-minded visitors, and hopefully make a few friends.

Building an inclusive Pagan community since 2002

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Children of Artemis,

Witchfest response to the proposed Asatru Folk Assembly Winter Nights event at Stonehenge

Children of Artemis and Witchfest has prided itself on being an inclusive organisation from the beginning. Originally tag lined as “anyone as welcome as long as you keep an open mind and play nice” this grew to become a core principle of CoA. For over two decades, we have been a platform for minority groups and will continue to be so. We have actively shut down discriminating behaviours in the community, schooled the media and been an advocate for any who need it. We have never been afraid to speak out when we see discrimination, and what follows below is no exception.

The AFA (Asatru Folk Assembly) are an American organisation that disgustingly prides itself on its “ancestrial” elitism. The AFA openly and proudly promote a racist, homophobic, misogynistic and anti-Semitic interpretation of contemporary Germanic Paganism that is abhorrent to the law-abiding and inclusive Pagans and Heathens of the UK. The far-right and extremist behaviours it exudes are not only historically incorrect but quite simply dangerous.

The AFA are attempting to hold an event at Stonehenge on 28th October called Winter Nights. We cannot allow the AFA to desecrate a symbol of our cultural heritage and a site of spiritual significance to Pagans across the UK.

Below is a public response from not just us, but many like minded Pagan and heathen organisations.

We invite all organisations not yet listed to join us. Share this response, and make our voices heard: The AFA, its followers and all it stands for are not welcome here.…/1dAYBLBI17JAO983uRVf…/view…

Witchfest is a non-profit organisation with the objective to raise funds for causes in the Pagan community including our sister organisation and sponsor Children of Artemis. Witchfest organises events throughout the year such as Artemis Gathering and Witchfest International, Witchfest Midlands. Events are staffed primarily by volunteers wherever possible, to ensure ticket prices can be kept low, while the events quality can be maintained as high as possible.

Witchfest is registered in Scotland as a company limited by guarantee without share capital (Company number: SC641793), this means there are no share holders, no dividends and no commercial pressure to make profits. Any profits that are made from the events will be used to help fund future events, with any excess being donated to other Pagan causes.