Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine Issue 15

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Digital Version available to order from: http://www.magzter.com/GB/Children-of-Artemis/Witchcraft-&-Wicca/Lifestyle/206346 or download the Magzter app to your phone or tablet and search for Witchcraft.

The Witchfest Music Contest - A chance to play at Witchfest International 2007

So Do You Tell Bad Stuff? - Honesty in fortune telling from Inbaal

Our Handfasting at the Artemis Gathering - The day of our lives from Rhoda

Spell Casting - Cassandra Eason shows us the art of magic

A Spiritual Journey in Fashion - Libby Rose explores the mystical qualities of clothing

Anglo Saxon Witches and Healers in Archaelogy - Eva Palmer investigates historical Witchcraft

Essential Use For Magic - the esoteric uses of essential oils by Jo Simon

A Witches Wand - A natural magical tool by Tracy

A Matter of Life and Death - How you really can save lives - Xa Naylor explains

Mystic Money Maker - Ruth the Truth shows a magical route to fortune

My Path to the Crafte - James Bennett tells us of his way into Wicca

Then and Now - Fred Lamond asks has time changed Wicca?


Aunt Tabatha's Mailbag - Is there a witchy problem you need help with? Ask Aunty.
Witchfest News - What's coming up
Mystical Art Gallery - Selection of artists and their work
Environmental Witch - Global warming, a load of hot air?
Interview with Sara - Wicca and an artistic understanding
Witches Market - Witchy products and suppliers

Cyber Witch - the latest news from the Children of Artemis web site, keeping you up to date with the many new developments

News - Event Pages - Gathering listing - Reviews

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