Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine Issue 10

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Digital Version available to order from: http://www.magzter.com/GB/Children-of-Artemis/Witchcraft-&-Wicca/Lifestyle/206387 or download the Magzter app to your phone or tablet and search for Witchcraft.

Witchfest Locals 2005
A two page report on the Witchfest locals being held around the country in 2005. More announcements are likely in the next issue.

Aunt Tabatha’s Mailbag - your questions answered

Lucy Furr our wiccan feline travels in circles

Mystical Art Gallery, a selection of artists and their work

Half a Century, 50 years of Wicca by Fred Lamond

Witchcraft and Visionary Purpose
inner mystery of Witchcraft by Rae Beth

The Heart of Witchcraft
your connection with magic by Cassandra Eason

Working with Mirrors
psychic development by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Witches and Wizards of Wyrd
Anglo Saxon Shamanism by Professor Brian Bates

Really Real Witches
what is a real Witch? by Kate West

Wand Making
magical instruments from trees by Sara Kobuszka

Tinkerbell meets Witch
the Faerie Magic renaissance by Alicen Geddes-Ward

The Magic of the Land
listening to your locality by Tam Campbell

the muse of poets and artists by Iain Lowe

Evolution of the Star, the Moon and the Sun
celestial tarot development by Inbaal

My path into Wicca?
a witchy beginning by Kate West

The Path to Irish Witchcraft
the old Gods are real by Lora O’Brien

Herbal Remedies
are we losing the magic? by Rue

The Eleusinian Mysteries part II
concluding the rites of Demeter by Tina Dianelli

Interview with Inbaal
a psychic celebrity talks to Witchcraft and Wicca magazine

Cyber Witch
The latest news from the Children of Artemis web site, keeping you up to date with the many new developments

Plus the essential regulars News, Event Pages, Gathering listing, and reviews

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