Stud Earrings Bezel with Blue Goldstone set in Resin

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Stunning Blue Goldstone chips set in a 15mm stainless steel bezel on studs.

These chips are leftover of tumbled stones, a way to reduce waste. The resin is a hybrid, ASTM certified non-toxic, VOC-free, solvent-free, BPA-free and odour-free. An incredibly eco-friendly resin with a beautiful crystal clear finish that makes these stones look like they’re fixed into water.

Each bezel contains chips that are leftover from tumbled stones, an incredible way of reducing waste. Every earring is unique, but we aim to make the earrings look similar as a set.

The metal we’ve chosen for these earrings is stainless steel as this is tarnish and rust-resistant, as well as a hypoallergenic metal.

This product is handmade and will be shipped to you by the artist directly so please be patient!

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