Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine Issue 25

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Digital Version available to order from: http://www.magzter.com/GB/Children-of-Artemis/Witc... or download the Magzter app to your phone or tablet and search for Witchcraft.


Finding You Way in Wicca - Melissa Harrington

Walking the Path of Faery - Flavia Kate Peters

Witches and Money - Swati Prakash

Spider Goddesses - Tylluan Penry

Meet the Artist - Interview with Carl Johnson

Italian Witchcraft - Cristina Pandolfo

Urban Hedge Witch - Lady Lilith

Doreen & Gerald - Humanity & History

Things Witches Can Do - Tylluan Penry


Aunt Tabatha’s Mailbag
Is there a witchy problem you need help with? Ask Aunty

Witchfest International News
Witchfest International 2015 Preview

Introducing the new witchfest.net and social media pages

Seeing whats new

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