Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine Issue 11

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Digital Version available to order from: http://www.magzter.com/GB/Children-of-Artemis/Witchcraft-&-Wicca/Lifestyle/206366 or download the Magzter app to your phone or tablet and search for Witchcraft.

Path of the Priestess, show to express your devotion by Sorita D'Este

Simulacra: Countenance of the Gods in Nature, if you go down to woods today by Sara Kobuszka

Isis the Horned Goddess, a motherly Goddess? by Galatea

Gay Witchcraft a pansexual tradition by Christopher Penczack

Alternative Fashion, what the young witch is wearing this year by Karen

Playing the Harper, the magical sense of sound by Martyn Wheeler

The Witch's Necklace, elements of magical jewellery by David Rankine

The Goddess and Jehovah, religious points of perspective by Frederic Lamond

Elementary my dear Witch, Faerie pathworking by Alicen Geddes-Ward

My Path into Witchcraft and Wicca, signposts for the start of a journey by Katie Gerrard

We're all Going to Die!, a witchy end by Kate West

The Worship of the Goddess and God, local deities for local witches part two by Tam Campbell

Becoming a Wise Woman, part two of connecting with magic by Cassandra Eason


Aunt Tabatha's Mailbag your questions answered

Witchfest News what's coming up

Lucy Furr our wiccan feline travels in circles

Mystical Art Gallery selection of artists and their work

Interview with Akasha

Book Reviews

Music Reviews

Tarot Reviews

Gatherings listings of groups around the country and their meeting arrangements

Cyber Witch news from the web

CoA News and Calendar, Info from the Children of Artemis

Witches Market witchy products and suppliers

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