Ritual Tools by Kevin Groves

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This is the second in Kevin Groves’ House of Kiya series.

During our magical working life, most of us like to try out ritual tools. With all the choices open to us however, it can be hard to know how to choose, and what exactly each tool does. Also, some of us might like to try making or even repairing, our own tools.

In this booklet, Ritual Tools the second in Kevin Groves’ House of Kiya series, Kevin shows not only what tools do, but how to use, cleanse, repair and even dispose of them. He explains the different types of incense, how to make and use wands (and even a sistrum) and poppets, the purposes of horns, athames, wands and amulets etc., and even the best ways of making do and sourcing the various items.

Information like this is long overdue, in our opinion and we are sure you will find this small booklet indispensable. It is packed with clear, sensible information, all delivered in Kevin’s wonderfully down to earth manner.

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