Mrs Darley's Practical Pagan Magick by Carole Carlton

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This is the sixth and latest book in Carole Carlton's very popular 'Mrs Darley' series.

The crafting of magick can be both mysterious and bewildering. This is particularly true for the lone practitioner who has little access to formal training. ‘Mrs Darley’s Practical Pagan Magick’, investigates the reasons behind, and the practicalities of, circle casting, calling the Gods, making talismans, chanting charms and using ritual tools.

Throughout this, the sixth book in the series, Mrs Darley continues to draw the author deeper into her magickal world as she shares her version of old cottage magick.

There are however certain aspects of Mrs Darley’s life which have long remained hidden and which, throughout the book, she is called upon to confront.

In so doing, she is tempted to use magickal techniques which unsettle the author, proving that we all have a shadow side – even Mrs Darley...

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