Cunning Hare Athame

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These are the 3rd Generation of the Cunning Hare. They are available in Bronze, Silver-plated bronze & Solid silver. The silver-plated and Solid silver are Limited editions.

These creations have been made using the “Old Ways” of the cunning folk of Albion and are the culmination of several years of careful study and working of that craft. They are inspired by the traditions associated with Horsemen, Toadwitches and Cunningmen. These people were renowned for their uncanny way with animals and folk.

These tools are an aid to understanding shape-shifting and shamanic flight using nature’s creations to inspire the transformations & journeys within.

Boxed with signed certificate of edition and authenticity.

Dimension 9 Inches long 1 Inch circumference

Bronze £350 Weight 250 grams*

Silver-plated Bronze £450 Weight 255 grams*

Solid silver £990 Weight 300 grams*

*Weights may vary slightly due to casting and finishing process.

Patination on request.
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