Pete Jennings

Ipswich born Pete Jennings has over 20 books published on Paganism, Folklore, Ghosts, Anglo Saxons, Fiction, Meditation, Elves, Vikings & Blacksmiths and has lectured extensively throughout the UK and overseas, acted in films, sung in bands, presented radio folk shows and discos as well as organising festivals, folk clubs, Pagan events and a group of mummers.

Having retired as a ghost tour guide in Ipswich after 20 years, Pete is still currently a re-enactor with Ealdfaeder Anglo Saxons and a storyteller and actor. Pete is also a retired President of the Pagan Federation and is qualified both as a social worker and psychotherapist.

He has a low boredom threshold, likes dogs, 70s prog rock, books, real ale and his wife Sue, but not necessarily in that order. Pete hopes that one day, he will be recognised for his pioneering work in researching the speed of dark.

  • Short Bio:Pete Jennings – a legend in his own lunchtime: so Heathen he can’t pass a quietly sleeping innocent village without visiting it to rescue the gold, silver, women and mead.
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