​Celtic-Medieval Speed Folk…
Maybe it’s good to point out this band plays fast. Insanely fast! Great fun on stage and dropping jaws of the audience everywhere they appear. Over 700 performances throughout the Europe;
with the unleashed energy of unbelievably quick whistles, recorders, tribal drums, guitar-fuelled engine and haunting vocals; welcome to the World of PerKelt!
Hold on to your antlers…

“Those who like folk music should be in Paradise!”
-Darren Hirst (Twilight Dawning, UK) 2011

“…they are energized in a way I haven’t heard before!”
-Gerry Michaels (Medieval Archives, USA/UK) 2014

“PerKelt perform [with] a synergy unequalled in Celtic music.”
-John Hillman (Exposure Music Awards, UK) 2014

“…spectacular live shows and dropping jaws within the audience!”
-Paul MacArthur (Celtic Radio, USA/Canada) 2014

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