Laura Daligan

Laura Daligan

Laura is an internationally renowned Artist, Mystic, Musician, Witchy Teacher, Fire Dancer, Animal Lover and Advocate.
She currently resides in Glastonbury UK, where she is constantly inspired by the deep magic of the land.

From starting out as one of the founding members of Sky’s Psychic TV, Laura has since appeared on various TV Channels, including BBC, ITV, MTV and C4. She has been featured in a plethora of Magazines and has enjoyed writing regular columns for FAE Magazine, Chat, The Magical Times and Spellcraft.

Her spiritual background is rooted in Paganism, Tarot, Wicca and Shamanic training. From this wealth of magical and personal experience she has created innovative and empowering courses which she regularly teaches both online and in person.

Laura graduated from Falmouth College of Art with BA (Hons) Illustration. Since then her visionary and mythic Art has featured in various books and magazines. She widely exhibits her rich and powerful paintings of Goddesses, Totem Animals and Faeries all over the UK. She has become well-loved for her work painting Shamanic Drums, and channelling people’s Totem Animals in her Art.
Her popular YouTube Channel – RedWitchTV, has been running and growing for over 10 years, where she has gained a global following for her authentic, friendly and magical outlook on the world.
She also loves to geek out about Neolithic sites, play guitar, write songs, climb trees, cuddle her Cats, go on faerie adventures and drink copious amounts of tea.
She is currently writing her first book about Faeries and painting huge canvases of Dragons and the Divine.

  • Short Bio:Laura Daligan is an artist, witch, tarot reader, teacher, fire dancer and one of the original 'YouTube Witches'. She holds regular magical workshops, is a witchcraft consultant for the British Museum and is currently studying a Masters in Viking Studies.
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