Emma Restall Orr

Born in London, of London ancestry, now living in the rural heart of England, I feel I have now travelled enough of the world to stay in one place and learn the wisdom and pleasures of home. Studying Druidry from the mid 1980s, I worked for The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, then The British Druid Order, where I was joint chief for some 9 years alongside Philip Shallcrass.

In 2002 I left to found The Druid Network, which now runs without me. While my time within Druidry was enormously valuable, I would no longer term myself a Druid. In 2004 I founded Honouring the Ancient Dead, an advocacy group working for the respectful treatment of ancestral material, ‘human remains’, particularly those of our preChristian past.

With very little involvement in any organisation now, beyond personal study and writing my focus is wholly upon Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground.

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