Eleanore & the Lost

The band first performed at Witchfest in November 2011 to launch the debut album. In the interim, as well as promoting the first album, Eleanore has composed for three independent films – including “Tales of Albion” and “Lady in the Woods” and was c
ommissioned in 2011 by the international charity The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) to compose the theme song for their 50th anniversary. The resulting song “My True Nature” was also used as a stimulus piece for a nationwide competition by the same name.
Eleanore & the Lost are delighted to be returning to Witchfest as part of Eleanore’s new album’s promotion – and second album “The Gift” is just that – a gift that keeps on giving!
In the studio as well as onstage, Eleanore’s music is truly captivating, and evidence that she continues to compose songs with great, well-written lyrics, memorable melodies and spine-tingling, epic choruses that you can’t get out of your head for literally days………and days.
The live show is a treat for fans – not to be missed!

  • Short Bio:Eleanore & the Lost are a symphonic rock band with elements of folk and gothic. With epic, memorable songs and the spell-binding four octave vocal range of lead singer and composer Eleanore, the band are going from strength to strength with second album The Gift.
  • www.eleanoreandthelost.com
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