Diane Narraway

Diane Narraway is both a Publisher and co-owner of Veneficia Publishing.  An editor and author in her own right, Diane comes from a multi-generational occult background steeped in both formal scientific training as well as the natural mysteries and has herself practiced Magick and Wytchcraft in a variety of forms from a very young age. She is also the current and longest-serving “Arlahes” (“Lady”) and one of two main Ceremonial Facilitators of Clan Dolmen, a large multipath pagan spiritual organisation in an area well known for its wytchcraft heritage on the south coast of England.

She is responsible for coordinating and editing the ground-breaking on-line magazine, “Clan Dolmen Chronicles”, which was nominated in the UK’s ‘Pagan Events Best Magazine Award’ for 2018/2019. “Clan Dolmen Chronicles” is a free, internet accessible resource covering a variety of topics, including boldly controversial articles and features alongside more mainstream aspects of modern and ancient wytchcraft and paganism.

As a Magician and Wytch she incorporates and embraces both the archaic and the contemporary, with her public work focused upon the creation of new traditions designed to lay the foundations for future generations to build upon. As a writer, she has been published on a variety of subjects of interest to the magickal and the pagan community as well as short stories, poetry, song lyrics and rituals.

She is editor, author and inspiration for the occult anthologies “Lucifer; Light of the Aeon” and “Songs of the Black Flame” and was one of the authors of the progressive publication “Women of Babalon” in which she contributed an essay on Lucifer.  Through her writings and contributions to the occult world in both England, Europe and more recently, the United States, she has become one of the most recognizable names within magickal communities on both sides of the Atlantic, her personal path and spiritual development having taken her to the fore-font of the pagan and occult world as both a ceremonial coordinator and an international speaker.









  • Short Bio:Diane Narraway is a Publisher and co-owner of Veneficia Publishing.  She is the current and longest-serving “Arlahes” (“Lady”) and a Ceremonial Facilitator of Clan Dolmen, a multipath pagan spiritual organisation.
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