Christina Oakley-Harrington

Christina Oakley Harrington is Treadwell’s Bookshop founder and presiding spirit. She was voraciously interested in spirituality and magic since childhood, and grew up in West Africa, Burma, and Chile, only moving to the West at the age of fifteen. In her early twenties she was heartened to discover Europe’s own native religious traditions, and has been a pagan ever since. A former academic, she left university life in 2001 to establish Treadwell’s. These days she serves as a consultant for programmes and projects but is usually at the shop somewhere during the week.

  • Company:Treadwell's Bookshop
  • Short Bio:Christina is the founder and guiding light of Treadwell's Books. A scholar historian by training, she is now writing a large study of the Craft for publication with a major publisher.
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