The Magic of the Book of Shadows and the Doreen Valiente Foundation

Doreen Valiente’s magic and inspiration were crucial to the creation of the Book of Shadows at the heart of Gardnerian and Alexandrian Witchcraft. These traditions in turn have influenced the development of Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism worldwide.

Rufus Harrington will explain the role of the ‘Doreen Valiente Foundation’ as guardians of the original Books of Shadows created by Gardner and Valiente.  He will explore the Book of Shadows with you and the inspiration of Doreen Valiente. He will share with you his experience and the insight that has developed during forty years of being an initiate of the Craft. He will show you how to work with the magic at the heart of the Book of Shadows: exploring the creation of the magic circle and the invocation of the Gods.