Reclaiming your Sovereignty with THE MORRIGHAN – time to wear your crown – Flavia Kate Peters

Are you noticing more crows or ravens all around you lately? The shapeshifter goddess of war & fate, The Morrighan, has yelled her battle cry to the sounds of your internal warring. She will reshape your life by making a weapon of you, and lead you into battle. It is a great but challenging gift of rebirth and transformation that she offers. As she delves deep within you, searching for ferocity and a heroic heart she offers her protection. For she always protects her own. But first the enemy within is needed to be destroyed and a self-belief restored. Come discover who The Morrighan is, how to magickally work with her in a witchy way and how to reclaim your sovereignty. If you are ready for victory and to step into your personal power, she will lead you out from the turmoil of battle. Time to rise up! Time to wear your crown! Workshop includes spellwork, Bane Magick & meditation