Event description

The Witchfest Market and Halloween Ball is a new event from Children of Artemis. Witchfest has always had a vast esoteric market, and obviously as this event is focussing on the market aspect the market here will be even bigger. This is a market organised on a true Witchfest scale, truly everything the Witchfest visitor could possibly want to buy all in one place. Doors open at 10am Admission to the market is free! and trading continues until 5:30pm.

Talks will be held in a separate hall with speakers including:
Kate West
Professor Ronald Hutton
Damh the Bard
Barbara Meiklejohn Free & Flavia Kate Peters
Gemma Gary

Entry to individual talks on the day will cost just £3 per talk.

The Halloween Ball
With live music from :
The Dolmen
Damh the Bard

With the best pagan music you could imagine and a prize for best dressed for just £12 for members or £15 for non-members.

The infamous Witchfest Mead Bar will be back with all the trimmings, with some new offerings to tempt the mead connoisseur.

The Rivermead Bar will open at 4pm and remain open for the evening, even when the market closes.

The Cafe will be open all day serving affordable snacks, tea and coffee.

A Readers zone will offer a variety of types of readings for affordable fees

A Healers zone will be there to offer healing to your mind and body.

Do not miss our themed Selfie Corner with cool themed backdrops where you can take selfies of yourself and your friends.


Professor Ronald Hutton

  • An academic historical perspective by the United Kingdoms foremost expert on the history of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism

Kate West

  • Kate West is the author of the influential Real Witches series of books. She is a gifted speaker, a Wiccan high priestess and expert on Witchcraft and Wicca.

Damh the Bard

  • Musician, songwriter and modern-day Bard who draws inspiration from the land and the old stories of Albion. Splitting his time between performing and doing talks and workshop he is always entertaining.

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters

  • Barbara is a High Priestess of Isis, Shaman, Seer, Singer, Best Selling Author and a teacher of the ancient ways of the Craft. Flavia is a Celtic Mystic, Faery Shaman, Singer, Best Selling Author and teacher of Faery Folklore

Gemma Gary

  • Gemma Gary is a British Craft initiate and author of several books on the operative magical and initiatory traditions of witchcraft.