Event description

An online workshop giving an overview of Wicca from the tutors of Wicca Introduced. This session is for anyone interested in Wicca, or are considering joining a coven or practicing solitary Wicca. After the talk there will be an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of this fascinating belief system.


Children of Artemis

Cathbodva Clarity

  • Children of Artemis / Witchfest
  • Current Children of Artemis Admin and Wicca Introduced tutor since 2011. Having started my journey as a Solitary Wiccan, and now in formal training, I will be able to provide you with insight from both sides of the court.


  • Children of Artemis / Witchfest
  • Founder of Children of Artemis and Witchfest, Gardnerian HP and member of the Pagan Community for over 30 years.