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Welcome to the First ever Scottish Goddess Conference!
About this Event
We (The Scota Goddess Temple) are incredibly both excited and incredibly honoured to be able to host this event from the heart of ancient Alba.

The Scottish Goddess Conference was born as an event to support the creation of a physical space for the Scota Goddess Temple in Scotland. The intention is for the conference to be one more way to bring the Goddess closer to those who seek her here in Scotland and in the World.

This year the event will be taking place entirely Online due to the current of Covid 19 restrictions. However future Conferences are planned to be a mixture of both live and streaming events when life finally returns to normal on these dear shores.

Scotland needed a Goddess Conference but the World needed a Goddess Conference in Scotland!

This year’s Theme is ´The Faces of the Goddess´. For this we are going to be exploring the many different Goddesses who are still worshipped and venerated here today among our many diverse spiritual and faith communities, from Paganism, to the New Age communities, to within Heathenry, and to Kemeticism, to Druidry and The Goddess Movement

As this is our First Conference of the Goddess here in Scotland, we wish to focus on the Goddess in all of her forms, aspects, and manifestations from ancient times to her celebration in the modern world. For this we have pulled together an amazing line-up of world-class speakers and presenters, each with expert knowlege on the Goddess within their own field and faith traditions.

Keep an eye on the page for we will be releasing the info in the next few days.

The Goddess Bless Us!