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The Artemis Gathering is an amazing Pagan camp held over a long weekend on the 10th – 13th August. There are talks, workshops, live bands, Fire performers, an awesome Fire Sculpture, a late night rock club, the Artemis bar, and the ever popular Artemis Cafe. Once you have setup your tent you can relax as everything you need is here with food, drink entertainment and a packed schedule of events the whole weekend. All events are included in the single entry price making this unbelievable value.

The Artemis Gathering has a friendly family atmosphere set in 35 beautiful acres of the Oxfordshire countryside.The event has catering & bar facilities for vegetarians, & omnivores. Talks and workshops are held in buildings and marquees on site, or in the open depending on the weather. Dogs are welcome, you need to pre-book at £2.50 per dog. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and all mess must cleaned. Please allow plenty of time for the journey as we are anticipating heavy traffic on some main routes to the site at this time of year. Please remember to bring your own tent and camping equipment.

Please note we can only accommodate campervans, or trailer tents by arrangement so please contact us before booking, this is due to space and access constraints.
(The event opens Friday 4pm, and closes Monday 2pm)

Artemis Gathering Map

Artemis Gathering Map

Artemis Gathering Programme 2018

Artemis Gathering Witchlets Programme 2018

Pictures from Artemis Gathering 2017

Pictures from Artemis Gathering 2016

Artemis Gathering 2016

Photos from the Artemis Gathering 2016

Pictures from Artemis Gathering 2015

.Artemis Gathering 2015 Poster .Artemis Gathering 2015 Poster   Announcement-Board Announcement-Board  Artemis-Fire-Pit Artemis-Fire-Pit  Artemis-Fire-Pit2 Artemis-Fire-Pit2  Artemis-Fire-Pit3 Artemis-Fire-Pit3  Artemis-Marquee Artemis-Marquee  Artemis-Marquee-at-Night Artemis-Marquee-at-Night  Barbara-Meikljohn-Free Barbara-Meikljohn-Free  Camping-Area Camping-Area  Camping-Area-(2) Camping-Area-(2)  Childrens-Workshop Childrens-Workshop  Closing-Ritual Closing-Ritual   Closing-Ritual-2 Closing-Ritual-2   Damh-The-Bard Damh-The-Bard   Damh-The-Bard-(2) Damh-The-Bard-(2)   Damh-The-Bard-(3) Damh-The-Bard-(3)   Diane-Narraway Diane-Narraway   Doreen-Valiente-Foundation Doreen-Valiente-Foundation   Ferret-Racing Ferret-Racing   Fire-Parade Fire-Parade   Fire-Performer Fire-Performer   Fire-Performer-6 Fire-Performer-6   Fire-Performer-at-Artemis-Marquee Fire-Performer-at-Artemis-Marquee   Fire-Performer2 Fire-Performer2   Fire-Performer3 Fire-Performer3   Fire-Performer4 Fire-Performer4   Fire-Performer5 Fire-Performer5   Fire-Sculpture Fire-Sculpture   Fire-Sculpture-Burning Fire-Sculpture-Burning   Fire-Sculpture-Burning-(2) Fire-Sculpture-Burning-(2)   Fire-Sculpture-Ritual Fire-Sculpture-Ritual   Flavia-Kate-Peters Flavia-Kate-Peters   Heike (1) Heike (1)   Jim-Workshop Jim-Workshop   Kevin-Groves Kevin-Groves   Kevin-Groves-(2) Kevin-Groves-(2)   LoveStreet (1) LoveStreet (1)   Making-the-Chair Making-the-Chair   Meet-The-Witches-Panel Meet-The-Witches-Panel   Moira-Hodgkinson Moira-Hodgkinson   Muggle-Magic Muggle-Magic   Opening-Ritual Opening-Ritual   Opening-Ritual2 Opening-Ritual2   Opening-Ritual3 Opening-Ritual3   Opening-Ritual4 Opening-Ritual4   Pagan-Pride-South Pagan-Pride-South   Paladins-Dance Paladins-Dance   Paladins-Knight Paladins-Knight   Paladins-Knight2 Paladins-Knight2   Paladins-Medieval-Dance Paladins-Medieval-Dance   Pandora (1) Pandora (1)   Pete-Jennings Pete-Jennings   Pete-Jennings2 Pete-Jennings2   Raegan-Shanti Raegan-Shanti   Raffle-Prizes Raffle-Prizes   Rescued-Ferret Rescued-Ferret   Stephanie---Wand-Workshop Stephanie---Wand-Workshop   Tam-Campbell Tam-Campbell   Tarot-Stand Tarot-Stand   Trader Trader   Trader-(2) Trader-(2)   Traders-Square Traders-Square   Tylluan-Penry Tylluan-Penry   Wand-Auction Wand-Auction   Wand-Workshop Wand-Workshop   Woodland-Chair Woodland-Chair   Workshop Workshop   Yeti-Love Yeti-Love   Yeti-Love-3 Yeti-Love-3   Yeti-Love2 Yeti-Love2


Professor Ronald Hutton

  • An academic historical perspective by the United Kingdoms foremost expert on the history of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism
Pete Jennings

Pete Jennings

  • Pete Jennings – a legend in his own lunchtime: so Heathen he can’t pass a quietly sleeping innocent village without visiting it to rescue the gold, silver, women and mead.

Oona McFarlane

  • Reiki Master Teacher, Neter Seichim Master Teacher, SUNDOOR Advanced Firewalk Instructor, NLP Master Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner

Ashley Mortimer

  • Ashley Mortimer is a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation and a director of The Centre For Pagan Studies
Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

  • High Priestess of Isis, Shaman, Seer, Singer, Best Selling Author and a teacher of the ancient ways of the Craft

Flavia Kate Peters

  • Celtic Mystic, Faery Shaman, Singer, Best Selling Author and teacher of Faery Folklore
Tam Cambell

Tam Campbell

  • Wiccan High Priest with many years of experience of a variety of traditions and a popular speaker and teacher, very knowledgeable on mythology and pagan history

Kevin Groves

  • Solitary practitioner of Egyptian, symbolic and Chaos Magic, a healer and a regular contributor to CoA events on the subject of visualisation and astral magic.

Cat Treadwell

  • Professional Druid Priest and Author. She volunteers for the Pagan Federation and The Druid Network, and works as Chaplain for HM Prison Service and her local NHS Trust
Moira Hodgkinson

Moira Hodgkinson

  • She runs open celebrations for the Sabbats in the heart of Sherwood Forest and has been leading workshops and classes for over fifteen years. Regular contributor to W&W Magazine.
Diane Narraway

Diane Narraway

  • Chairwoman and one of the spiritual facilitators of the Dolmen Grove as well as editor of the Dolmen Grove Chronicles. She writes articles and essays on magickal practices and ceremonies
Ania M

Ania M

  • Professional Tarot reader, corset maker and bag embroiderer.

Raegan Shanti

  • Freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher and a freelance writer
Jenny Cartledge

Jenny Cartledge

  • Solitary Pagan Witch, Freelance Writer, Regular Contributor for CoA & Doreen Valiente Foundation

Steve Ward

  • Raised in the old faith that for some is known as a hereditary tradition, and later initiated in wicca; Steve has been studying many of the religious texts and traditions for over 20 years and have an extensive knowledge on most esoteric subjects.


  • Authentic encampment, extensive equipment and professional yet friendly approach will bring the Dark Ages alive for you!

Witchlets Corner

  • Range of activities organised by CoA volunteers and selected speakers suitable for children and their parents.