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The Objectives of The Children of Artemis

Witchfest is a non-profit organisation with the objective to raise funds for causes in the Pagan community including our sister organisation and sponsor Children of Artemis. Witchfest organises events throughout the year such as Artemis Gathering and Witchfest International, Witchfest Midlands. Events are staffed primarily by volunteers wherever possible, to ensure ticket prices can be kept low, while the events quality can be maintained as high as possible.

Witchfest is registered in Scotland as a company limited by guarantee without share capital (Company number: SC641793), this means there are no share holders, no dividends and no commercial pressure to make profits. Any profits that are made from the events will be used to help fund future events, with any excess being donated to other Pagan causes.


If you wish to make a donation to Children of Artemis, the organisation that sponsors Witchfest you can do so by clicking the Donate button.

For more information on our sponsors click here Children of Artemis

Children of Artemis

Children of Artemis

To Contact us use this link: http://witchcraft.org/contact-us/