Pete Jennings

Valkyries – Pete Jennings

Heathen Pete Jennings will return again to Witchfest International in 2016. Ask him what he’s drinking and he’ll probably growl ‘the blood of my enemies’ but we will hope to keep him mellow with lots of mead from the COA bar!

East Anglian Pete is a man of many parts, some of which are even connected: he has been a telephone engineer, radio & disco dj, sales manager, folk and Pagan activist, actor, re-enactor, singer, social worker, ghost tour guide, author and journalist. He believes in getting his moneys worth out of life, and a second spell of cancer and a collapsing ceiling in his study this year are not going to stop him.

Beware of low flying Valkyries, because he will be talking about them. He will also be signing copies of the many books he has written. Make sure that you specify it doesn’t have to be in blood.